Episode 28 - FC St. Pauli Kit Special, with Shawn from Fell In Love With A Girl

Yes, Episode 28, not 27 - see below - but In this half-a-year-old recording - apologies - DesignFootball.com blogger Jay chatted to Shawn from the St. Pauli podcast, Fell in Love with a Girl. Politically emotive, the shirts of St Pauli have become iconic in their colouring and connotations, as the German side's cult appeal ever-widens. Discussing the kit history and the controversy of the current wardrobe, as well as the association with Under Armour, Shawn provided an education on kits, as well as thought-provoking social commentary. It's an oldie, but, we think, a goodie.

NB: The observant amongst subscribers and occasional listeners will have noticed Episode 27 is missing. It will appear in due course, with an explanation for its tardiness. Until then, please accept our apologies for its omission in the order.

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