G! News 016 - September 2018 Early Edition

We each select one story from gaming, television, and movies for this edition of the podcast. In the world of video games, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has brought forth a strong contender in the battle royale arena, and Fortnite expands into toy spin-offs with a Nerf line-up and a custom Monopoly experience.

In movies, we look back at a couple of franchises: The Predator needs to call it a day, but Candyman might get new life from Jordan Peele. Television news includes a look back at the "NuWho" Doctor Who before the new season starts and a sneak peek at what Netflix is bringing to New York Comic Con.

The bonus item is a discussion with Patrick Corcoran, VP and Chief Communications Officer of the National Association of Theatre Owners, about how the moviegoing experience is alive and well despite streaming growth.

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