Lisa Boothe’s Crusade for Truth

"Authentic" is Merriam-Webster’s word of the year. It’s also a good way to describe Fox News contributor and podcast host Lisa Boothe, whose own authenticity is evident whenever she’s on TV or interviewing guests for her show, “The Truth With Lisa Boothe.”

During her frequent Fox News appearances—or stints guest-hosting for Fox anchors such as Laura Ingraham—Boothe brings a straightforward, commonsense approach to viewers. 

She spoke with The Daily Signal about the opportunity that led her from Capitol Hill to the media world—and why she believes so many outlets are falling out of favor today.

“I feel like we’ve just lost common sense, period,” Boothe says. “I think we’re a society, and it extends to the media as well, of cowardice, a lack of common sense, probably just intentional lying, and just no morality. There’s no wrong vs. right anymore.”

Hamas’ barbaric attack on Israel—and the surge of antisemitism that followed—are just one example Boothe cites as a failure of the news media to distinguish wrong from right.

“Imagine how insanely frustrating it would be to be Israel. You have the most Jews slaughtered in a single day since the Holocaust, you have babies that were beheaded, you have women who are raped next to the bodies of their dead friends at a concert, completely unarmed,” Boothe said. “Just complete, utter atrocities, right? And then you have the media questioning what happened that day, questioning the beheading of babies.”

Israel, she said, was so compelled to counter pro-Palestinian propaganda that it invited journalists—including The Daily Signal—to view 43 minutes of video depicting Hamas terrorists' brutal atrocities.

“Israel has to confirm things that these Hamas terrorists videotaped themselves and put out to the public, but then the media’s just pushing out Hamas propaganda without question,” Boothe said. “I mean, it’s just disgusting.”

Boothe said she felt a similar frustration during the COVID-19 hysteria that consumed the country beginning in 2020. From the start, she thought the government reaction was overblown—from widespread lockdowns to vaccine mandates.

As a result, she started her own podcast to offer a countervailing narrative.

“I believe I was the first person at Fox to come out and say, ‘I’m not getting the vaccine,’” Boothe said. “I just got frustrated that I didn’t have my own outlet to have these conversations, and interview these types of people, and to have that space of exploring this other side. [It] ended up being the right side, but not at the time—it was very dangerous.”

Today, Boothe’s show features a mix of political and cultural warriors who offer a different perspective from what you’ll hear from legacy media outlets. She posts new episodes every few days. 

“The Truth With Lisa Boothe” is syndicated by iHeartPodcasts and available on all major platforms.

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