Father Fights for Son Whose Mother Is Raising as 'Nonbinary'

Harrison Tinsley’s son, Sawyer, will turn 4 in December. He likes to play hockey and football with his dad and also enjoys singing. According to his father, Sawyer is a happy little boy, but the child’s mother is attempting to raise him not as a boy, or as a girl, but nonbinary

Tinsley has seen photos of his son in dresses on social media, and Sawyer told his dad that when his mother took him to Disneyland, “she wouldn't let him go on the rides unless he wore princess shoes.” 

Tinsley is concerned for his son’s well-being and is seeking seek full legal and physical custody of Sawyer, and arguing that his son should be treated as a male. 

Tinsley joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss his fight for his son. 

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