Angel Studios: New Movies and How You Choose Which Films Hit Theaters

No Angel Studios‘ film makes it to the big screen without the approval of the Angel Guild. 

There are more than “21 films a week submitted into the Angel Guild and then the Guild goes through those and they’re picking their favorites and they’re greenlighting them and then Angel Studios can only pick from the list that they greenlight,” Jeff Harmon, chief content officer for Angel Studios, says. 

Movies like “Sound of Freedom” and “After Death” received enthusiastic support from the Angel Guild and in turn premiered on the big screen, but for every approved film there are hundreds more than the Guild “fails.” 

Anyone can sign up to be a member of the Angel Guild and play a role in deciding what content Angel’s Studios should send to theaters. Jeff and Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios, join “The Daily Signal Podcast” to explain how to join the Angel’s Guild, and to share about the latest Angel Studio’s movies and shows. 

On Dec. 1, “The Shift,” a sci-fi romance depicting the story of Job from the Bible, premiers in theaters. In 2024, Angel Studios will release titles such as “Bonhoeffer” and “Cabrini.” 

Enjoy the show!

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