How Humor Can Help Americans Overcome Their Political Polarization

Are you planning to talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner this year?

Depending on your family’s dynamics, it can be fraught with danger. But filmmaker Rob Feld, director of a new documentary called “Jesters and Fools,” says there’s a way to navigate such conversations without resorting to creating acrimony.

“I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones,” Feld tells The Daily Signal. “Don’t be afraid to talk about things, but there are good ways to talk about things. And it’s by asking questions of each other and not trying to repress that desire we all have to just attack.”

Feld’s film, “Jesters and Fools,” challenges the popular media narrative that we are hopelessly divided as Americans. He recruited popular comedians like Colin Quinn, Jim Norton, and Rosebud Baker to tell the story.

Enjoy the conversation!

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