Why Kathy Grace Duncan Detransitioned After Living as a Man for 11 Years

As a little girl, Kathy Grace Duncan watched her father abuse her mother and vowed she would never be victimized like her mom. 

"I didn't have the tools to realize that my dad was abusive, my mom's a victim," Duncan says, "so, my takeaway from that was that women were weak, women were vulnerable, and women were hated."

Duncan realized she would grow up to be a woman and did not want to be "weak," so she says she "made a vow at a very early age, 'I'm going to be the man my dad is not.'"

"I was running from pain," Duncan says.

When she was 19, Duncan began to live as a man and did so for the next 11 years. When Duncan came to know Jesus as her savior, she got involved in a local church while she was still living as a man. 

Over the course of several years, Duncan journeyed with her church community and eventually made the decision to detransition. 

For Duncan, it was a five year journey to go through the "de-transitioning process, and that was undoing the thinking that being a woman is bad, that I'm not safe, that I'll be hated, that I'm vulnerable," she says.

Duncan, director of gender advocacy for the CHANGED Movement, joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to share her story and discuss what children struggling with gender dysphoria need most.

Elizabeth Woning, co-founder of CHANGED Movement, also joins the show to explain the fight to preserve counseling and therapy that affirms and celebrates an individual's biological sex amid a struggle with their gender identity. 

Enjoy the show!

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