Is Mayorkas’ Impeachment Still on Table? Rep. Mark Green Explains

Who is responsible for the illegal immigration crisis at America’s southern border?

That’s a question currently being investigated by the House Homeland Security Committee, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is atop the list.

“I think very clearly, Secretary Mayorkas has chosen to totally disregard the laws passed by Congress,” says Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., and chairman of the committee.

Asked whether Congress will take steps to impeach Mayorkas, Green told The Daily Signal, he would “continue to hold the cards to my chest.”

In June, Green announced a five-part investigation into the “Biden-Mayorkas border crisis.” The investigation is a response to the estimated more than 6 million illegal aliens who have been encountered on the southern border since the start of the Biden administration in January 2021.

The first three phases of the investigation of the border crisis have included Mayorkas’ alleged dereliction of duty; how the border crisis facilitates the illegal activities of drug cartels; and examining the human cost of the border crisis.

Green joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to preview the fourth stage of the investigation, which begins with a Wednesday hearing and will examine the financial cost of the border crisis. The Tennessee lawmaker also responds to questions regarding the possible impeachment of Mayorkas.

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