Matt Walsh Reveals How Gender Ideology Mutilates Kids

What is a woman? Seems like a pretty simple question. But in today’s America, the left thinks females aren't the only ones who count as women anymore. Stories abound of biological males not only invading women's private spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms, but dominating in women's sports.

All of this comes with the support of radical leftists and activists in medicine.

Worse, those medical doctors aren't just focused on treating adults. Transgender ideologues have targeted children.

Matt Walsh, author, podcast host, and filmmaker with The Daily Wire, has released a documentary film titled "What Is a Woman?" that he hopes will expose the worst aspects of gender ideology.

"You feel like you're staring into the pit of hell, honestly. I mean, you're looking at pure evil when you consider what they're doing to these kids, and they know what they're doing," Walsh says. "They have to know what they're doing, because they're the doctors and they know what it entails. They know that this stuff is obviously irreversible and they also know that kids can't actually consent to any of this stuff."

Walsh adds:

Kids don't know what they're doing. They're not looking five, 10 years into the future. I mean, even before you get to surgery and that's horrific enough, you've got the drugs, the hormone drugs, the so-called puberty blockers, and those drugs among other consequences, they also have the effect of sterilizing kids.

Walsh joins "The Daily Signal Podcast" to discuss his film and what gender activists are doing to kids, and offer solutions on how to escape this post-truth environment.

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