INTERVIEW | US Patent System Needs to Be Fixed, Inventor Rights Activist Says

An American inventor is speaking out about a law he says has significantly affected the country's ability "to lead the world in innovation and stay ahead of our adversaries."

"We're a 501(c)(4) [tax-exempt organization], and our mission is to restore to America something that has been actually just totally destroyed by Big Tech," Randy Landreneau, president of US Inventor, tells The Daily Signal. "And what that is is that if you're an inventor and you invent something really valuable, and you get a patent on it, you're supposed to have the legal ability to stop a large entity from just taking it, and that is what our patent system was created for."

Landreneau has numerous patents and owns Complete Product Development, which is "a product design and prototyping company based in Clearwater, Fla.," according to his US Inventor biography page

"That's what worked so well in America for 200 years, what enabled us to lead the world in innovation and stay ahead of our adversaries, etc.," Landreneau says. "And Big Tech got a law passed about 10 years ago that really drastically destroyed that. It made it virtually impossible now to stop a large entity from simply taking what you had invented and patented."

Landreneau was referring to the America Invents Act, which was passed by Congress and signed into law in 2011 by then-President Barack Obama, who at the time said the “much-needed reform will speed up the patent process so that innovators and entrepreneurs can turn a new invention into a business as quickly as possible.”

Landreneau joins "The Daily Signal Podcast" to further discuss the U.S. patent system and some of the challenges he and other U.S. inventors are facing today. 

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