Foxtrot + The Best Foreign Language War Films + The Aftermath

This week on the Curzon Film Podcast, we take a close look at war on film, in all its confusing, chaotic and complicated ways. 

We start with Samuel Maoz’s Foxtrot, which stations much of its narrative at a desolate military checkpoint manned by four young soldiers who all try to burn away the hours of boredom that occur between cars arriving for inspection and, every now and then, a lone camel walking by. Meanwhile at home, the parents of one of the boys are devastated by the news of his supposed sudden death, though the circumstances surrounding this take several unexpected twists. 

We then take turns to pitch the very best war films, not in the English language. War films, particularly those from the US and the UK, tend to be quite similar in their heroics and bombast. So we've compiled a list of the best war films from elsewhere in the world, which each show the different sides of conflict. Thank you to all the listeners who helped us put together this list.

This leads us onto the end of war and its lasting impact, as we discuss The Aftermath. Starring Keira Knightley in one of her finest performances yet, the film tells a story of tangled love in post-WWII Berlin.

Discussing the films this week are Kelly Powell, Sam Howlett, Steven Ryder and Ella Kemp

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Produced by Jake Cunningham

Edited by Mark Towers


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