Wildcard Short 2 - Charlie Simpson and Omar Abidi from Fightstar

Wildcard short number 2 is go! On this episode I caught up with Charlie and Omar from Fightstar at Hevy Festival 2015. Even though the interview was short we actually talk about some quite revealing stuff:

  • The energy behind the new record

  • How the 10 year anniversary show is what pushed them into writing an album

  • How the band had to take a break or it could have been over

  • Chili sauce

You can also hear how I was a little drunk and how my sound guy almost ruined the podcast.

I used the capsule mic on the Zoom H6 for this and I think it fared pretty well. You can definitely hear the band playing on the stage nearby but it doesn’t drown out the voices, so it gives it a nice festival ambience I guess.

Other things to note about this episode:

  • The press area, where this interview was conducted, was directly behind the main stage. We were shielded only by a truck. The other mic I used, my Shure SM58, was completely unusable cause of the volume from the...

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