S2: 2 - Paul Wolinski from 65daysofstatic

Every episode is fraught with some kind of technical challenge. I can give you examples of this which happened on this very day.Today's interview was supposed to be with Andy Falkous from Future of the Left. I wrote a lengthy blog post discussing how I'd been averse to Skype interviews in the past and explaining that from now on I'd be doing more of them. I mentioned how there's a lot of interview podcasts where the interviews are conducted over Skype, and that whilst face to face interviews are not uncommon either, most are Skype based. That's totally cool, and having been in the position where I sometimes struggled to find guests because bands I liked weren't coming to Glasgow on tour, that Skype interviews would simply have to be the way forward in order to encourage new, diverse guests.Then I began to edit the interview and realised there were problems with the audio on my end. The app I used to record the interview had corrupted my audio in such a way that recovery is not possible. That's one thing I didn't talk about in that blog post - my reluctance to do Skype interviews was because of the potential for stuff to go wrong. And it seems like that's exactly what happened.However, I'll be able to salvage the interview, and it's a stroke of luck that I actually have a bank of content ready to go. So on this episode I have an interview with Paul Wolinski from 65daysofstatic. Paul is a wonderful chap, and we had a really great time talking about the band, his musical life and all the amazing things they've done in their career so far. We go in to some pretty extensive detail about the No Man's Sky soundtrack and talk a lot about the process behind it, and how writing to a deadline, in what is essentially the mother of all fan service projects, helped the band realise some fundamental things about their music and creative process that they may not have otherwise come to understand if it wasn't for the soundtrack.We also talk about how the band interrogated their own music in order to offer up as many different versions of their songs, and pieces of songs, as possible so that they could be used in the game.This is a fantastic interview and we had a lot of fun doing it. I'm grateful that he took the time to have a chat.Now, there's also something else I should say about this interview. Half way through the support band start playing and you can hear them relatively clearly. It's an odd thing for sure, but I don't think it's at all distracting. Podcast producers will tell you that it's basically impossible to edit around music, so there are a couple of things in here that I generally would have edited out but couldn't due to the background music.Nevertheless, this is a cracker and I hope you dig it.

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