S2: 1 - Joe Danher from FOES

The Curator Podcast: Season Two, Episode 1 - Joe Danher from FOES
It’s good to be back.

If you’ve missed me then rest assured, I’ve missed you too dear listener.

This is season two and as you may have noticed, things are a little different sonically. The format is still roughly the same (for now, that’ll evolve more gradually) but there’s a marked textural difference to the sound. I hope you like it.

Feedback would be appreciated.

On this episode I’m talking to Joe from FOES. He’s the band’s guitar player and manager. We had a really brief, cool chat in a Wetherspoon’s pub on the night of their show in Glasgow earlier this year. I’d loved to have chat some more but we were a little pushed for time.

I had do some soul searching because for a while I genuinely thought I was done with the podcast. That’s why I didn’t return in September as planned. I even had some opportunities to interview some really great artists but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

This interview with Joe really got me buzzing...

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