S2: 9 - Jeremy Bolm from Touche Amore

When I began this podcast I would often get frustrated at how unsuitable my recording environments would be. Sitting down in a dressing room or tour bus, the perfectionist in me would get annoyed at odd sounds, like a refrigerator buzzing or traffic passing.
I’ve learned to accept it as something of a unique feature of this podcast. There are other shows out there who can afford to ask their guests to come into a soundproofed studio or, hell, even just a room in a house, and those shows are great. Conversely, there’s podcasts out there which conduct interviews over Skype, and I enjoy those too, but for me the DIY ethic is something I’ve always embraced in my journalistic and creative life. I think in the beginning I lost sight of that.
I understand and accept that I’ll probably never conduct an interview in a studio, so I’ve grown to enjoy the unpredictable nature of recording in the wild. A good conversation can happen anywhere at any time, not just...

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