S2: 8 - Andrew Falkous from Future of the Left

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this interview since the day it was recorded. As it happens, my original plan for this was for it to be episode number two, but once I sat down to edit it I realised that of my side of the interview was garbled – it’d somehow been completely corrupt during the recording process. Now, normally I record my end twice so that I’ve got a backup in case something like this happens, and the one time I didn’t do it also happened to be the one time a backup would’ve been really useful, so when I found out it was corrupt I thought it was game over.

A good friend of mine (the superb Lewis Glass) suggested that I should re-record my side because Andy’s side was fine. A great idea, I’m sure you’ll agree, but a lengthy solution to a problem brought on my own stupidity.

What followed was literally two months of procrastination. I knew recording would be a big job and I honestly couldn’t face it. However I also knew that I would need to do it at some point, so that’s what I did and...

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