S2: 3 - Tom Linton from Jimmy Eat World

When I interviewed Jim Adkins in September 2015, it was a pretty big milestone. I set out with a list of a bunch of people I really wanted to interview and I’ve made a pretty big dent on that list, and there’s more to come.

Given how much I love Jimmy Eat World, I was more than keen to have a chat with Tom when the band came into Glasgow recently. So I guess I can tick another off that goddamn list.

In my interview with Jim I spoke about how seeing the music video for ‘The Middle’ on MTV2 was a pretty big deal for me. It opened my eyes to a whole new musical world. As a punk kind, connecting with something so tuneful, melodic and emotionally upbeat was met with a healthy degree of trepidation. But I rolled with it. Bleed American is a great record for sure, and it still holds a huge place in my heart.

However, my journey into Jimmy Eat World’s discography did not start with Bleed American. Sure, it’s an important album for me, but as was somewhat customary in the days before YouTube, poor working class...

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