S2: 22 - Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory Talks About The Band's 20th Anniversary, Their New Album and More

What’s there left to say to Jordan Pundik? What is there left to say about New Found Glory? What is there left to even ask those guys?

It’s hard to find the words to talk about seminal bands sometimes. 20 years is a long time to be making music, and it’s remarkable when you realise that Jordan is still in his 30s. They’re a band who has literally seen and done it all. They’ve taken their music to the greatest heights, and achieved things most artists can only dream of.

Yet, and you’ll also get a sense of this from the interview, they remain incredibly humble. New Found Glory’s influence on pop punk cannot be overstated. Nearly all of the bands they play with these days have been inspired by them, from the likes of mega stars All Time Low, to their recent touring buddies Roam, and every other pop punk band in last decade. That kind of legacy is remarkable.

And to have been on the road that entire time is remarkable still. For this band, it very much is the case that they have grown up together on the road.

In this interview we have a good chat about what keeps the band going, if they’ve done a lot of reflecting because it’s their 20th anniversary, how things have changed over the years, the strangeness of doing an anniversary tour the same year they have new music out and a bunch more stuff

I hope you dig the interview.


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