S2: 19 - Jonah Matranga Returns to Talk About Writing A Book, 20 Years of Touring in the UK and How to Check Your White Male Privilege

I knew that learning how to drive would make my life easier, but I didn’t think it’d also make podcasting easier. Yet here I am, fresh out of doing my second interview in my beaten up 2005 Ford Focus and I’m amazed at how good it sounds in there. Soft furnishings, man. I’m sure having doors that seal helps too.

To wit - this is the second-time Jonah has been on this podcast (as you’ve probably gleaned by the title) which is super cool. I promise I’m not making a habit of bringing previous guests back, but sometimes it feels like you need to because the rapport was good the first time, or maybe you didn’t cover everything you wanted to on the first go around. I can certainly attest to wanting more time with some people after the interview has finished, so I suppose a part two is a good way to get around to that.

I found the flow of this conversation to be even better than the first time. Which is always surprising, but is perhaps indicative of some kind of connection that goes beyond mere press person asking press questions to a largely disinterested human being.

My favourite thing about podcasting is connection. Not just the connection I have to my guests, but also to my audience. There’s something real, raw, passionate, and genuine about the way individuals can form a bond over a microphone. Personally, I put it down to the elimination of distraction – we are constantly bombarded with information and content at all times, so taking the time to have an unadorned, focused conversation with another person is so valuable.

Podcasts allow us to share that unique moment, to focus our attention the way the host and the guest focus there’s. It’s intimate. That’s why I love it.

We all connect in beautiful ways.

On this podcast Jonah and I talk about his book, Alone Rewinding, white male privilege, touring, 20 years of travelling to the UK and a few more political things. It’s an intense chat which went in a totally different direction than I thought it would, but I can’t complain cause I think it turned out really well.

Phone courtesy of Story Volumes/Ron van Rutten.

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