S2: 18 - Fraser Stewart from Fat Goth talks about Nirvana, Being a Part Time Band, Creative Burnout and ZZ Top.

Uncle Vic Galloway is responsible for my discovery of Fat Goth. He shared the video for their song ‘Creepy Lounge’ on his Twitter account way back in the heady days of 2013 and that was it, I was a fan. Since then, I’ve seen them every time they’ve passed through Glasgow and they never disappoint live.

I’ve always found their sound to be a bit strange. And I mean that in a good way. It’s sort of off kilter, with riffs and hooks which don’t really land in the way you expect them to. I always wondered where that came from, and it wasn’t until I was doing research for this interview that I learned Fraser is influenced by Nomeansno. I’d never heard them before and after listening to them it all made sense.

This is mentioned in the episode, but I actually thought they’d stopped being a band. After their third album One Percent Suave they went dark, aside from the odd show, and I thought they’d quietly patched it. Imagine my surprise when they remerged with Enorme! Earlier this year, dialling up that Nomeansno influence and streamlining their already muscular sound into something more direct and furious than ever before.

It was like watching an old friend appearing out of the ether and reminding you why they were so cool in the first place.

And so we turn to this interview. My first phone interview. I was contending with some pretty serious RF interference on this but I was able to fix it in post production. Who knew that it would be as easy as simply plugging your phone into the digital record and hitting record? Certainly not me.

Fraser was a lovely chap to talk to, and I appreciate him bearing with me as I got all this shit to work. We talk a lot about Nirvana, Metallica, being a part time band, creative burn out and a lot more. I hope you enjoy this interview.

Photo courtesy of Still Burning Photography.

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