S2: 15 - Kamikaze Girls Talk about Seafoam, Touring, Using Lots of Chorus and Gaining the Confidence to Write Their Debut Album

Recently, I had a twitter exchange with a chap who asked me what I thought about streaming services. The crux of his argument was that if an artist owns the masters, they stand to make more in streaming revenue than those who do not, and that if this was the case, then an artist can make a lot of money through streaming services if you can get your music in the right place/places.

I’m not sure if that’s true – to make some cash from music you need a proper release strategy, good PR and luck. It remains to be seen if such an approach can work for streaming. Royalty distribution is poor for all but the most popular artists, regardless of whether they own their own masters. Instead, I advised him that the best way of making a success of yourself, of getting your music heard, is to work hard touring and just get your music out there as much as possible.

That’s what Kamikaze Girls did. They’ve only released one EP and a single to date, but they’ve been a band for a number of years. 2016 was a busy year for...

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