S2: 12 - Chris LoPorto from Can't Swim

Picture the scene – you’re standing the middle of an old church. In front of you, built into the wall at the back of the room, are the remnants of ancient organ, its pipes dwarfing everything in the room as they rise almost to the ceiling. At either side of it are stained glass windows, depictions of divinity that loom over the rest of the room, echoes of an old religion. Now, it’s home to a distinctly different cult.The pews and the altar – indeed, all the trappings of the old church – are gone save from those two features that remain. The altar has become a stage, and the pews are gone entirely. Upstairs, in the balcony, the pews remain but they’re not like they were before. They’re much more comfortable and I’m sure the owners wouldn’t mind too much if you stood on them.Church conversions are odd things. In this instance, Saint Luke’s is now a pub, restaurant and venue. Its purpose may have changed but its religiosity is the same – we come to pay reverence and tribute.Behind the organ and stained glass windows is the backstage area, a much more modern setting where the walls are clad in the generic off-colour white we now see in offices and new build housing. Can’t Swim’s erstwhile drummer/current guitarist and tour manager looks for a quiet area where I can interview Chris, the band’s singer. Chris is the reason this band exists, he’s the reason it changed from a guy recording demos into his bedroom into the five piece that they are today.Eventually we stumble upon what is probably the quietest place in the building – the shower room. That’s right folks; this interview was conducted in a shower. I sat on a laundry basket while Chris sat on a huge pile of towels. Two guys clad in black hunched over a microphone, telling stories and shooting the shit in the only way I know how.We had a pretty fun, if brief, conversation. I had a good long chat to him afterwards too (which I probably should have recorded, in retrospect) and I can confirm he is one of the soundest dudes I’ve ever met.In this interview we speak about:Chris’ musical upbringingThe way the band startedThe fun of being a full time musicianHow things evolved from his bedroom to a five piece rock band (complete with three guitarists)How the band’s songwriting has changed as they’ve grown closerThe band’s comfort with how things are going right nowHow it’s better than having a jobAnd much moreI hope you enjoy it.Featured MusicIntro: David Szesztay – CombatMusic bed: James Beaudreau – PacificoOutro: Blue Dot Sessions – InessentialI make no claim to the copyright of any of the music in this episode.

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