S2: 11 - Ray Harkins from the 100 Words or Less Podcast

Ray’s podcast is wonderful. That’s the most important thing you need to know about this interview. The other thing you should know is that we recorded this over Skype and I think it’s the best a Skype interview has turned out for me. He’s a really down to earth, intelligent dude whose interviews are insightful and really engaging. I first came across his podcast when I began The Curator, and I’ve been a fan ever since.We’ve interviewed a lot of the same people, but our approach is markedly different – he’s interested in the way that DIY and punk culture has influenced the lives of the people he’s spoken to, a list of folk that extends beyond musicians. I mean, he’s even interviewed Roman Mars for God’s sake, what more could you ask for?He’s also a musician himself and sings in a really great hardcore band called Taken, which I recommend checking out. I feel like we really hit it off in this interview. Our ethos and passion comes from very similar places, and it was awesome to connect with someone whose mind is just as curious as mine. He’s a fantastic guy, an awesome podcaster and a pretty great vocalist too.The most impressive thing to me about his podcast 100 Words or Less is how it stands as something of a testament to hard work. He’s been doing his thing for over 6 years now, turning up with a new episode every single goddamn week, building a fanbase from the ground up.I’ve had a few people ask me about starting a podcast, and my first piece of advice is always to simply get going. Just start. Don’t let anything hold you back. It’s only after I offer this advice that I realise that what I should actually be saying is that you must ensure you love your idea enough that you stick with it. Like any creative endeavour, podcasting is unlikely to lead to success and riches. I’m not saying that it can’t, and in time it is certainly possible that a podcast will provide some kind of income (I’m not there yet, I hasten to add), but that will only happen if you stick at it. Once you realise that, once you decide you’re in it for the long haul, then you’re ready to begin.Ray stuck at it. He’s turned up every week for six years. He loves his subject enough to do that, and so must you. Once you get started, everything else can be worked on, but passion, that’ll be the fire that keeps you warm on your podcasting journey. I hope you enjoy this interview.

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