S2: 11 - Ray Harkins from the 100 Words or Less Podcast

Ray’s podcast is wonderful. That’s the most important thing you need to know about this interview. The other thing you should know is that we recorded this over Skype and I think it’s the best a Skype interview has turned out for me. He’s a really down to earth, intelligent dude whose interviews are insightful and really engaging. I first came across his podcast when I began The Curator, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

We’ve interviewed a lot of the same people, but our approach is markedly different – he’s interested in the way that DIY and punk culture has influenced the lives of the people he’s spoken to, a list of folk that extends beyond musicians. I mean, he’s even interviewed Roman Mars for God’s sake, what more could you ask for?

He’s also a musician himself and sings in a really great hardcore band called Taken, which I recommend checking out.

I feel like we really hit it off in this interview. Our ethos and passion comes from very similar places, and it was awesome to connect with someone...

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