S2: 10 - Dave Hause

So many of these blog posts open with a description of how I first found out about my interviewee. It wasn’t until I sat down to write this one that I realised how being able to pinpoint such instances of discovery might be an odd thing. Do people tend to remember the exact moment when they first discovered art that moved them?
One day in 2008, Build & Burn by The Loved Ones dropped through my letterbox. Back in those days, when I was running Daily Dischord, I’d get promo CDs through the door every day. We’d only started the site a year before, and to get sent something by a band on Fat Wreck was a pretty big deal for a raggedy punk like me. The sheer volume of stuff I’d get sent on a weekly basis not only made it difficult to listen to everything, but it quickly sapped my desire for listening to many of the records I received. Put simply, many of the albums and EPs just weren’t...

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