24 - Pat Thetic from Anti-Flag

On this episode I have Pat Thetic from the band Anti-Flag, and you might wonder why Anti-Flag are important to me.

Regular listeners probably know that my journey into the world of punk rock began with The Offspring. They were the portal into a world which I’ve spent the last 18 years in, staying curious and walking between the different lands that each specific genre of punk rock music occupy.

But that punk rock journey did not start off political. The first record I bought, Americana by The Offspring, is half party record, half teen angst. It was very much of its time and as a 12 year old boy I played the CD until it warped. I think I spent a good three years with that as my sole musical focus.

I still have that very same CD and at some point along the way, I picked up the sheet music to it as well. In 2001, after Conspiracy of One was released, my first ever show was The Offspring in the SECC, supported by Caffeine and AFI.

Fast forward a year and at some stage a friend of mine let me hear ‘Die for...

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