43 - Modern Baseball

It’s difficult to release a podcast when you’re on the road. I tried, I tried so hard. I even wrote the following blog post:“Hello.A little late this week cause I'm on the road with False Hopes (do check us out).More notes to follow but things you should know about this podcast:Modern Baseball are greatThis interview is a ton of funBut I wish it was longer.I hope you enjoy it!”And I edited the podcast. I spoke about being on the road during the episode. I’m now home from tour, and the podcast is going out as it was last week. Just to highlight my ineptitude.I talk about touring with Modern Baseball. How being on the road a lot kind of freezes real life. There’s also a really cool moment where we talk about the realisation that being a musician is just what they do now. And it’s a nice piece of reflection.There’s some audio issues towards the end when the doors opened and the music began to play in the venue. I wanted this interview to be much longer but I forgot my shotgun mic and it’s a total pain to edit around music so I had to cut it short.Modern Baseball create emo that’s very much in the vein of older emo bands, and there’s an emotional honesty and rawness to their music which you can tell is just part of who they are. That openness and honesty which is displayed in their music is demonstrated in this interview, and it’s always a treat to find out that someone’s as genuine as their music implies. It’s those kind of moments which makes me want to keep doing this podcast.I hope you enjoy this episode.

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