41 - Ross Barber-Smith from Bridge the Atlantic

This interview was wrought with issues from the start. Ross and I had a really good chat and then the batter died on my trusty H6. Luckily I had a spare with me, but the recording was corrupted, so we had to start again.Which we did! And all was well! There’s quite a bit more ambient background chatter than I thought, but you can still hear us and that’s what matters.This week’s guest is Ross Barber-Smith from Bridge the Atlantic. He was one of the very first people who actually liked this podcast when it began back in May/June last year and he’s stuck with the show ever since. It’s also cool because he’s Scottish and has a very awesome podcast of his own, which I urge you to check out.My interview with Ross is slightly different than what I usually do on here. We talk a lot more about podcasting because, quite frankly, I love talking to other podcasters and there aren’t that many of us that do the creativity thing the way that we do.We get a bit technical but it’s not too heavy, so I think it makes for a really interesting listen. We also talk a bit about podcasting burnout. Which I plan to cover extensively later on in a blog post.Ross’ own story of how he got involved in music and everything that happened in his life which led him to Bridge the Atlantic is fascinating, but for me the best thing about this chat is how goddamn inspiring it is. He’s done a lot, made a bunch of friends all over the world all down excellent social media management, having a podcast and just generally being one of the nicest guys on the planet.I hope you enjoy this interview. It’s a cracker.

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