39 - Paul and Tom from HECK

These blogs are getting harder to write. Show notes are, podcasters are told, vital to a good podcast. People will often read the blog with the hope of getting a feel for the episode.Furthermore, the show notes often make up the description within iTunes (or whatever podcast player you use), so apparently it's good practice to have the show notes give a little more information than the episode can provide.I get wary about saying too much in these notes. Inevitably you end up covering some of the same stuff that’s been recorded.On this episode I sat down with Paul and Tom from HECK. We talk about their new album ‘Instructions’ in rather a lot of depth, and just by discussing it we venture into territory which has been touched upon in other interviews the band have done, but haven’t really been explored in any proper fashion.To hear them talk passionately about their debut album and their band’s future is simply wonderful. Not least because the name change from Baby Godzilla to HECK had a significant effect on the band, even throwing their future in to jeopardy.Line-up changes and name changes often have a habit of killing bands. It can be hard to find a way forward when everything you’ve been working towards starts to quickly look like it's about to unravel at the seams, and for HECK this was compounded further by the very bleak realisation that they would need to recapture at least part of the fan base that they had worked on building for years. Bigger bands can often get away with it, but for small bands who are just gaining a name for themselves it can be heartbreaking.I’m hesitant to say any more about it because they do talk about it quite extensively and it makes for a really fascinating listen.During the interview my band is mentioned. It’s not a deliberate plug or anything, it just sorta happens. I apologise if that offends you.(Although you’ll probably like us if you like HECK, so listen here.)About ten minutes into the podcast Raketkanon start their soundcheck, so just bear that in mind when you listen. It doesn't effect the quality of the episode, but there are some things I'd probably have edited or cleaned up which was just impossible to do with music in the background.I hope you enjoy the episode!

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