38 - Jamie Sturt from Atlas : Empire and Hello-Fi Podcast

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for the Hello-Fi Podcast and on this episode, I return the favour. This is technically part two of that exchange, because the Hello-Fi interview came first, but the way these are coming out means that it’s actually part one. Or part 1.5, if you will.

Interviewing someone after they’ve interviewed you is a weird experience, because it kinda feels like you’re often covering the same ground. Yes, hopefully we’ll have some amount of audience crossover but on the whole we have two distinctly separate audiences, so somethings are going to get repeated because of that.

On this episode I speak to Jamie Sturt from Atlas:Empire, This Silent Forest and Hello-Fi Podcast. It’s a really warm conversation, this one. I think that’s because it kinda felt like we’d already been “in the trenches” so the rapport was already established, and the conversation flowed easily as a result.

It’s also one of the longer interviews which I know you guys prefer and that I certainly prefer doing. The...

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