37 - Kyle Burgess from We Came from Wolves

Going to keep this blog short and sweet this week, mostly because the podcast itself is quite long – like, it’s over an hour long and I haven’t thrown out one of those bad boys for a while.

On this episode I sit down with Kyle from We Came from Wolves to talk about creativity. And we go deep. It’s probably the most extensive conversation about the creative process that I’ve yet had on this podcast, drilling down into the reasons, processes, habits and drive of both Kyle’s and, bizarrely, my own.

My modus operandi for this podcast has always been creativity. I always aim to act as a faceless proxy for you, hoping to make it feel less like you are eavesdropping on a conversation and more that you are having an intimate conversation with the guest.

For the most part, I think I’ve succeeded. Sometimes I seep into the cracks, and when I give an opinion on something I’m always wary, because it’s unlikely that everyone who listens will agree with said opinion.

This interview with Kyle goes in the completely...

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