36 - The Van T's

Interviewing an entire band can be fun if the setting is right. In this interview with The Van Ts I was quite lucky because the band had a dressing room which wasn’t particularly noisy. Some dressing rooms though…it’s like trying to do an interview in a building site.

I’ve been trying to book these guys for a while. There’s something about their 90s vibe, the alt-rock flavoured grunge that they play which takes me back to my youth. There’s an infectious energy about their music, but also a sorta laid back effortlessness which brings to mind Dinosaur Jr in its approach – noisy, fuzzy but confident and assured.

I could drone on about them for another 500 words but I’ll save you, and I, the embarrassment.

One of my favourite things about the podcast since the start of the year is the greater focus on more local acts. I still love it when my favourite artists from outside of Glasgow come to town, but Glasgow is such a vibrant place and I can’t think of any city this size which has such an accessible group...

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