35 - Allison Weiss

I feel like the apologies are coming across as hollow. Maybe I should move the publishing day to Fridays. Although, there is then the issue of clashing with That’s Not Metal podcast but hey, it’s not like I’m even in the same league as them anyway, eh? Thoughts on this would be appreciated. Moving the day that is, not on the other podcast thing. They’re in a league of their own.

Interviews have been falling on Thursday’s a lot of late – I actually have another next week – but the fact still remains: I should be more prepared and have stuff ready in advance.

Foot is coming off the gas. Let’s put it back on and plant it on the floor.

On this episode I have a wonderful chat with Allison Weiss, whose album ‘New Love’ was one of my favourite records of 2015. I had great fun chatting to her. She’s very accommodating, warm and friendly which is always a relief.

To this day I still get nervous in the run up the interviews but Allison’s easy going demeanour helped put me at ease pretty quickly. I think the...

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