34 - Calum Farquharson from A Sudden Burst of Colour

Can the lateness of an episode ever truly be forgiven? I know how annoyed I get when my favourite podcasts miss a week or have an erratic schedule. Does it erode your faith in me and my ability to get the job done? Do you even care about the reasons?

Answers on a postcard please. Or an email. Or a tweet. Whatever. I’d like to know.

This is late because I did the interview on a Thursday again. I had originally hoped to have another interview the day after this one, but that fell through. I even talk about it in the podcast. In episode 33 I also spoke about an interview that I was scheduled to do but never happened. It sucks. I think maybe I jinx it by mentioning that it’s happening. Seems to be the case recently.

But yes, I’m late again, and this was a conscious decision on my part. It was either a case that I had no content for this week or I had none for last week. I pulled the trigger and went for last week. Sorry.

I had a chat with Calum from A Sudden Burst of Colour – one of my favourite Glaswegian...

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