33 - Justine Jones from Employed to Serve

The Curator Podcast: Episode 33 - Justine Jones from Employed to Serve
It can sometimes be stressful when trying to arrange interviews. Some people are funny about doing podcasts. Some people feel that doing a “wee” thing, like an interview for this podcast, isn’t a particularly good use of their time. I think both of these things are fair enough. If you’re going to get interviewed by The Guardian or Kerrang! Magazine then it makes way more sense to do that than it does to do this.

Plus, it’s not like I’ll ever get Dave Grohl or something on here, is it?

Obviously it’s more irritating when someone just doesn’t like doing podcast interviews, yet it just reminds me how lucky I’ve been to talk to some of the people I’ve spoken to;  people who have reputations for being choosey about what they do have chosen to speak to me, and that’s very cool.

I suppose what I’m getting at is that I’m still super thankful for people taking time out of their day to have a chat with me. And even more thankful to...

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