32 - Chrissy Barnacle

One of the best things about coming across a new artist is the way that they broaden your horizons and push your music tastes in new directions. I can’t profess to being much of a folk fan – at least not of the traditional kind – but the genre itself fascinates me.

This episode features an interview with Glasgow folk singer/songwriter Chrissy Barnacle. I was drawn to her music mainly because of her long standing association with various other DIY artists in and around Glasgow, and ever since absorbing the honest, ethereal beauty of her music, I find myself itching to discover more music in a similar vein. One person and their guitar is often more punk rock, more honest than any other kind of music.

This is great, because all it takes is one song to show you something a new side to music that you haven’t heard before. It’s also time for me to start pushing the boundaries of this podcast, bringing in new voices and different styles of music. Rooted in punk this podcast certainly is, but it doesn’t always...

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