28 - Ewan Grant from WOMPS

The Curator Podcast: Episode 28 – Ewan Grant from WOMPS
Ah, dear listener. I apologies for missing a week. I feel terrible about it. The fact that I didn’t post an episode on my regular schedule has kept me up at night ever since. I value you. I value your time, your attention and the fact that you choose to make me a part of your day.

Let me explain what happened in the hope that you might be able to forgive me.

Usually I like to have an interview or two in the bank for eventualities such as this, but I left myself short on content. After I conducted this interview with Ewan I formatted the SD card in my recorder thinking that I had removed the file, then I promptly took a week off and went to Marrakech for my 30th birthday. When I returned the interview was nowhere to be seen. I started to make plans with Ewan to re-do it.

Then I ran some recovery software on the SD card and managed to retrieve the interview. The crisis somewhat averted, I decided just to treat the missed episode...

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