26 - Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio/The Emergency Room

My guest on this episode is Daniel Andriano from the Alkaline Trio and from his solo project The Emergency Room.

I had some reservations about this interview because in the wake of the horror in Paris on the 13th of November, it was pretty clear when I arrived at the venue that everyone was pretty shaken up by what had happened. There’s no diatribe from me about that – I like to keep politics and world events as far away from this podcast as possible because this space is for culture, creativity and passion. The only reason I bring it up is because I think it had an impact on this interview.

At the time I had a definite sense of unease, not least because I had friends who were playing in the city that same night. After I finished this interview I had a feeling that that unease had made its way into the interview, so I emailed Dan’s PR representatives and let them know I wouldn’t be using the interview.

Then I listened to it again.

I was dreading listening to the recording because I remember...

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