23 - John Niblock from Vasa

Someone in a local music scene somewhere is always talking about how they watched band X grow, or how they’ve seen their music mature over the years. I’m not gonna be that guy. You’ve heard it all before.

I knew John before I knew of his band Vasa. Our paths crossed when he was somehow added to the writing staff of Daily Dischord, a music website I used to (sorta still do?) run. I’ve seen him grow as a writer and over the years I guess his band have just always been there. Once I heard about his band, once I met the man himself, they seemed to be omnipresent in the Glasgow music scene and wherever his band was not, John was.

I’m not going to talk about how much Vasa have changed since 2011. What I’m going to say is far more direct – their debut album ‘Colours’ is a triumph. You’ll hear us talk extensively about the record itself in the interview, but I think it’s important to mention how interesting it is. It’s dynamic, with huge production, odd and engaging arrangements, and with no shortage of...

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