22 - The Sinking Feeling

On this episode I have The Sinking Feeling. They’re a really awesome Glasgow band and basically they deserve all of your attention.

Like a few local bands I’ve grown to like, I first came across The Sinking Feeling when Steven from Struggletown Records started talking about them. At the moment we’re sorta in the middle of this grunge and emo revival thing, only the bands are not as contrived and as trite as they were in the direct aftermath of both those musical trends.
If you haven’t heard the band before then perhaps the most obvious bands to compare them too are perhaps later Title Fight, The Promise Ring and Tiger’s Jaw.

The band were nice enough to allow this interview to take place in their practice space, which also turned out to be the same place I interviewed Steven.

This is perhaps the most comfortable and easily the most free wheeling chat I’ve had so far. Originally I had three mics on the go...

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