20 - Sean "Slug" Daley from Atmosphere/Rhymesayers Entertainment

WARNING: I recorded this interview on my phone due an SD card issue. The audio quality is dicey. The chat itself though? Awesome. Slug even recorded an intro for this one!

On this episode of The Curator Podcast I spoke with legendary rapper, and one of the founders of Rhymesayers Records, Sean ‘Slug’ Daley from Atmosphere. It was an interview that almost didn't happen.
We all make mistakes, right? If I listen to some past episodes I can hear my mistakes quite clearly, but at least I recorded those interviews. I almost didn’t get a chance to record this one.

After a work trip to London, whereby I’d recorded some people talking at a conference, I arrived home and threw together last week’s podcast (the one with B. Dolan). I then booked this interview with Slug, and I couldn’t have been more excited.

I rolled up to the venue on time and was led through The Garage’s labyrinthine backstage area into a nice room with two couches massive leather couches and of course, Slug. I sat down, pulled out my microphone...

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