15 - Jeffery Eaton and Chris Honeck from Modern Life is War

I have been incredibly fortunate thus far to chat with those people whose art has affected me in various ways over the years. Jeffery Eaton and Chris Hoeneck from Modern Life is War are the guests on this week's podcast and I don't think it's exaggerating to say that their second album 'Witness' is possibly the single most influential hardcore album of this century.

'Witness' started a movement. It ushered forth an era of hardcore music which is just coming into its prime. If you know Modern Life is War, you no doubt know those who are indebted to them. If you don't, take some time to check out 'Witness.' Go ahead. I'll wait. It's a short album.




In 2008 Mod Life split up. It seemed as though they'd burned out. But five years later they reformed, surprising everyone by bringing a new album along for the ride. It seemed as though the time apart had strengthened the band and musically, it was like they hadn't missed a step.

Jeff and Chris are aware of and extremely humbled by the way...

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