14 - Will Gould and Ian Miles from Creeper

On this episode I have Ian and Will from Southampton goth punks Creeper. At first I thought this would only be a short chat but ended up being a fifty minute half drunken diatribe on Creeper, punk, DIY and all things related as we sat around a tent at Hevy festival. And it's awesome.

WARNING: I drop a "hard C". That is to say, I use the C-word.

Some back story for you.

When we arrived in Ashford, Kent, we procured a sizable cache of booze and jumped in a taxi bound for the campsite. Upon our arrival and much to my dismay, we found out that I was the only one on the guestlist for the festival. After contacting one of the site managers I managed to secure a pass for my compadre Craig and we made our way to the press area to pitch our tent.

Originally, I had agreed with Creeper’s PR person that I would interview them between 1.30 and 2pm. We didn’t get into the campsite until 1.30 and by the time we finished erecting our tent we had completely missed our allotted time slot.

Later that day, after I...

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