13 - Vic Galloway: Broadcaster, Journalist and DJ

There aren't many things weirder than sitting across from an experienced broadcaster and interviewing him. It's like the tables have turned. Usually Vic's the one doing the interviewing.

It's also an experience which is pretty fraught with self-doubt - this guy talks to people for a living and here I am, some fresh out the box, self-styled, new media interloper talking to a guy who has literally thousands of interviews under his belt. How can I compare? Am I being judged? Is this going badly? I should have had more questions. What am I even doing? etc.

It's best not to think about it.

Vic's an interesting guy who's lived a lot and experienced a lot. Being in his company is an experience which can only be described as kinetic. He exudes a very unique, intense, and passionate kind of energy which is akin to the buzz one used to feel as a kid when you walked into a toy shop.

Except for people like us, it's not a toy shop. It's a record shop. And we're not kids anymore. We're grown ass men who love music....

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