12 - Zoltán "Zoli" Téglás - Ignite/Pennywise

I understand why people do their podcasts over Skype. If you want to get good content and get it quickly then our 'connected' world makes it easy for you to do that. In time, I'll surely do interviews via Skype too. After all, it's the quality of the conversation you have which is important.

While using the internet to do interviews is great, you ultimately miss that human connection. The feeling of being in someone else's company, feeling an actual connection and really spending time with a person. You're also unable to have surreal, weird, memorable moments happen to you.

I've been a fan of Ignite since 2006 when 'Our Darkest Days' was released. I'm probably going on about that too much, but it's important that you understand the context: this band are one of my favourites, and way back then they hit me in a way that few others had before or have since. I love Zoli's voice, I love the message.

Interviewing him was a cool experience. He's clearly a very deep, thoughtful guy and he's got the...

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