11 - Ewan Morrison: Author, Screenwriter and Director

I'm waiting for culture to turn dark and deep again. The culture I came from was counter culture and it was angry and introspective. It has been utterly been pushed into invisibility by the rise of "be happy" culture. The ideology of positivity. We've been recycling this forced positivity for a decade now.
It's like too much health food or some advert for happiness stuck on a loop. We're thoroughly sick of it and we can see through it to the structures of repression behind it. We're tired of the lie that we can all be everything we want to be if we just stay positive and believe in ourselves.
The repetitiousness of that inane self promoting grin, the fake smile of competitive consumerism and artificial camaraderie:"Yay-culture".
I predict we're going to go dark and angry soon.
We have to.
We're not adverts for god sake.

- Ewan Morrison

Ewan Morrison is a man of many talents: an author, a journalist, a screenwriter and a director. He has written a...

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