08 - Laurent Barnard and Stuart Gili-Ross from Gallows/Venn Records

You have to wait for good things.

This interview was the third one I conducted. It’s also the first and only episode where I’ve interviewed more than one person. This was not by design, and it was extremely lucky that I’d brought a shotgun mic with me, otherwise I’d have been screwed. I also had a friend on hand to help. So thanks must go out to David Rees. He’s a good sound recordists and an even better guitar tech.

This was a total pain to edit, particularly because Departures (who are a great band, by the way) started playing pretty much the second I hit record.

What transpired was, I think, a pretty good interview. The whole band were in the room at the time, but Lags and Stu were really the ones who wanted to talk. The interview is kind of split into two parts. Not deliberately, it just so happens that the conversation kind of went that way. First half is about Venn, second half is...

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