07 - Jonah Matranga

Usually I try (with varying levels of success) to use these show notes to provide some context for the episode, but the fact of the matter is that this one is just so rich, so loaded with meaning and intention and love and weirdness, that I’d really rather you listened to the episode and not have the surprise of it ruined.

But that’s unfair. Of course it is. You want to know what value this episode provides to you, and to do that you need context.

I’ve known of Jonah Matranga for many years, and we met once a long time ago. Everyone that I know who’s met him always says that same thing – he’s such a nice guy. That’s true, he definitely is. You get a good sense of that in the interview. He’s also a very passionate and engaging guy. At some point in the interview I ask him a question which I hadn’t seen many people ask him before, a kind self-evident one: what musicians led you down the creative path? Jonah explodes with passion about his...

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