06 - Kenny Leckie from Carnivores

This podcast is now four weeks old. Which is weird. I feel like I’ve been doing it for a lot longer.

Of course it probably doesn’t seem like I’ve been doing it for very long when you listen to it but these things take time. I’m learning as I go. Trial by fire ‘n all that.

On this week’s episode I have Paisley’s second favourite son (after Paolo Nutini, I guess) and St. Mirren enthusiast Kenny Leckie. He also plays in a wee band called Carnivores. They’re pretty good.

When I told my friend and fellow Carnivores fan that I had interviewed Kenny his immediate reaction was, did you ask him where they fuck they’ve been? And I did. Sort of.

We covered a lot of stuff:

  • Starting out playing gigs at the tender age of 13.

  • Record label interest at a young age and how that affected him.

  • Playing 100 shows in a year whilst working full time.

  • How the small break Carnivores have had has helped him to feel normal.

  • But also how being in...

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