04 - Anthony Raneri from Bayside

As a humble podcaster who is only four episodes into his new venture, I didn’t expect to be interviewing someone I’ve been a big fan of for a while. At least, not this early on. But I did! And it was Anthony from Bayside, who are a band I bloody love. So if you think I’m gushing or something when you listen to the show, now you know why. And I refuse to apologise for it.

Once again it’s an interview that took place in the back of a tour van. It was daunting, I’m not gonna lie. Especially when their tour manager asked if I could interview Nick instead, but I held out and I got the conversation I wanted.

At some point during the interview Tiger Cub, the opening band on Bayside’s recent (and first ever!) headlining UK tour, started their soundcheck. Which was lovely and you can just about hear them in the podcast.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Punk rock showtunes
  • Not being told what you should and shouldn’t do by anyone
  • Why Bayside are often on the road but never feel worn out
  • Anthony’s new solo EP and how he composes Bayside songs
  • Their first ever UK headlining tour
  • Fifteen years as a band
  • Why the latest album is his favourite

Amongst a few other things.

My favourite thing about this interview is how quickly Anthony eases into it. For bands, particularly bands who have been going for a long time, interviews can be tedious. A lot of the time they’ll do interviews with journalists who are simply deployed to ask a bunch of stock questions. It’s understandable that many musicians feel a sense of indifference or reticence about doing interviews.

A podcast offers a different experience though, because ultimately the interview is about the person being interviewed and when you can hear their voice it makes for a much more intimate, and personable experience. Usually a podcast will conducted by a fan of the perseon being interviewed, and in my own case I try to ask questions that a fan would like to hear.

With a podcast you’re creating an intimate link between the speaker and the listener. Anything which can reveal new or interesting things about someone that a fan has never heard before, or that the regular listener will find engaging, is always worth exploring.

I had an absolute blast doing this podcast, and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Featured Music

Intro: Voodoo Puppets – Electric Chair Blues (used under CC licence, you can check it out here).

Bayside – Stutter from the album ‘Cult’.
Bayside – Dear Tragedy from the album ‘Bayside.


You can get the ‘Cult’ reissue on awesome red double vinyl at the Hopeless Records webstore here. The album is also available on iTunes, Spotify etc for your listening pleasure.

Or you can hear it on Youtube:


Once again Boab at No One Knows Records is the man for being patient and sorting the show out for me. Also a big thanks to Butler at Audio Glasgow for the mic and Tom Aylott at Hopeless Records for setting up the interview. Good dudes. Good vibes.

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