02 - Intruder Green from Masked Intruder

In stark contrast to the last podcast, I thought I’d throw myself in at the deep end and not only interview a member of an American band who may or may not be able to understand my Scottish accent (something which is always made worse after a few beers, I should add), but also someone who is in character for the entire interview. It made for an interesting podcast.

It’s difficult to coax conversation out of someone who is constantly in character, meaning you can never be too sure if what you’re getting is the person themselves or the character they’re portraying.

I tried to strike an easy balance – I asked some ridiculous questions which played up to the character’s persona, and some others which aimed to get to the bottom of Intruder Green’s love for music.

So I hopped in the back of a (baking hot) tour van and had a brief chat with Intruder Green whilst the band’s tour manager looked on, bored as hell.

I think our chat is...

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